For this assignment, I listened to the “tech chick’s tips” podcast, I chose episode 91 entitled “Too much to cover, too little time.”  This episode spanned around thirty minutes, and contained information about many valuable resources and tips for teachers.  The podcast is run by two women Anna, and Helen, and the way in which they format the podcast is that they each take turns introducing a different resource, or technology tool, and then go on to explain what it does, and how you can use it in the classroom, as well as important details, such as whether or not it’s free, and if you need to sign up for anything to be able to use it.  Something I really liked about the way they set up their podcast is that on their webpage where you can find the podcasts, they also have a list of all the different tools, and resources they talk about in the session, in the order they’re introduced, as well as links so you can easily find any which you liked the sound of. 

     This podcast which I chose discussed a list of fourteen resources as well as two apps for various devices.  One thing I found really interesting, was two resources they evaluated which discussed useful and effective ways to actually let students use their cell phones in the classroom for good, instead of hiding them away or having them be a distraction.  This was something I didn’t realize was out there, so it was very enlightening to know!

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