I am putting together a proposal to offer a Tech Club at my school next Fall. My thoughts are to incorporate project-based learning, thematic unit studies, meaningful writing components, and web 2.0 tools.

1. What grade level would you recommend would be best? I have access to K-12 students at our charter school.
2. How often should we meet? Twice a month? Weekly?
3. I'm considering having students "apply" for the program. Anyone taken this approach?
4. Have you written a proposal or description that you'd be willing to share?
5. Have you written your own lessons and outline or used an existing curriculum?

If you have already organized something like this,
I would appreciate your reply so we can learn from you.

If you are considering starting a similar club, leave a message here if you would like to possibly collaborate and share ideas.

Thank you for your time!!

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I did something like this for the last semester. I was piloting a program for Gifted kids that will become part of our regular school day next year. I did it as an after school club once a week.

I tied the whole club together using an Alternate Reality Game that played out over the course of our meetings. This encouraged the students to use the technology at home (since they could actually get it there) and kept them begging for more.

Unfortunately, we are very limited in access to technology. I was able to use our "lab" of 14 computers only twice during this time. Most of the in-club time was spent in exploring collaboratively how to use technology to improve presentations and projects. Most kids know how to make a PowerPoint, for example, but they don't know how to make a good one. They know nothing about the design principles behind a presentation.

I took them slide by slide through a basic show and we brainstormed as a how to make it better. Then we'd go through the technicals of how to make that happen. It was a very worthwhile exercise that led to them creating some really stand out presentations at the end.

Next year I am jumping from once a week with volunteer kids to 5 times a week with placed kids so I am more than interested in picking up new ideas!
Thanks for sharing. I like how you formatted the structure, making it work with what you had. I have a few ideas for you. Let's see what other ideas we get in this forum and we'll go from there.
I have been contemplating this for our school next year. I'm very interested to read the tips provided here. I like the idea of the Alternate Reality Game.
Yes, doesn't it sound fun? I think the kids will love it. So many ideas running around in my head, so I need some focus. An outline. A plan. Hopefully more ideas will be posted here. Will keep in touch.



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