Tech Integration Coach/Facillitator - what is your job description?

I'm a Middle School Technology Integration Coach/Facilitator/Teacher at the American School of Dubai. This is a new position for me and for the school, so I have no actual job description yet... and we need to hire another one. I need to write a solid job description to 1) help me better define my job and not get pulled in so many directions and 2) help us hire an additional person (are you interested? Our school is expanding next year.... ).

So, do you have a job description for your role? If you could include what your "Title" is that would be helpful too... I really dislike the title "computer teacher" :) Thanks!

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Hi Allison,

Not sure if this will help, but I've recently transitioned into the position "eLearning Course Developer". My personal opinion is that they drop the word "course" b/c much of what I'm doing doesn't directly relate to a particular course. It's becoming a bit of a catch all for many things tech.

Anyway, if you work with any element of elearning/LMSs (moodle, blackboard, etc) you might find aspects of the job description helpful.
I spent 6 years as an "Instructional Technology Specialist". My job was varied and included anything that needed to be done with technology. I enjoyed it immensely! Teaching and helping teachers and students technology, doing the school web page, keeping the computers running, exploring new technologies and being on the computer curriculum committee were all part of my duties. Sadly, when budget woes hit the district, my job was one of the first to disappear. The use of technology was the second thing to disappear. Teachers are willing to try new and exciting methods, as long as someone is there to assist them. Without that help, they didn't have the time or expertise to move in new directions.

Yes, I think I might be interested in a job like that again.



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