Students really need a lot of experience with the whole computer thing, like emails. Sending emails, receiving emails, deleting emails.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more you can do with a computer beyond emailing. There’s the web. Students also need to learn the proper technique involved in using a mouse, clicking, and double clicking.

And even though many think it’s “beyond students’ capability” to truly understand all the technical hardware behind making a computer run, I think it is imperative for them to know what these things are, such as: the computer screen, the keyboard, and the thing that goes on the floor, I think it’s called the hard drive, but I could be wrong because I’m not a computer scientist.

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These are wonderful suggestions.... Thank you for taking the time to share your input on the matter.

Since it is only the second week of school here, we are still on intermediate skills like double clicking the mouse. I know it's a tough concept, but I have in the students ability to master it.

Again, I appreciate your feedback. Technology literacy is quite important. I am glad we share this same concern.
they are in middle school.... i know, i know... i just have to have patience. I know it's not fair to insist upon more than they are capable of, but I still have to maintain a level of high expectations.
Can I be the first one to tell you to quit filling up space on this forum with your nonsensical baiting?! Wouldn't mind but your attempts at humor are not even funny. Nice try.
Agreed. Troll a message board with twelve year olds who will actually fight back or something. My gosh.
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