We're researching tech support policies for BYOD/T schools.  We're going to limit devices to laptops/hybrids for maximum functionality.

Most of what's I've found online so far falls into either YOYO (You're On Your Own) or Extremely Limited.  It has already been noted "That won't fly here." 

Pleas note: I would NEVER use the YOYO acronym as official policy.  But policies that say "These are not school-owned devices and while the school is not allocating resources to troubleshoot issues at this time, the school is interested in the success of BYOD" are essentially saying the same thing using more diplomatic language.

I'd appreciate knowing how you are handling this issue.

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This is sort of a big issue depending on what sort of policies or AUP exist within your building, district or school infrastructure.  There's also a dependency upon if what the policy is for - is it for managing access to and use of student-owned devices for the primary purpose of learning or is it the policing of device use within the confines of the school campus?

You may also need to include language that stipulates the conditions under which BOYD is part of the policy - that is to say - if a student doesn't have a device - does part of your policy make appropriation for how students w/o their own devices are enabled to participate as do those with their own devices.

You might also decide to scale the BYOD policy instead of coming up with an all encompassing solution.  Perhaps the BYOD indicates that it covers a period of time, or even specific classes, grade levels or particular projects in order to better understand the potential impact and usefulness of BYOD.

I'd like to think that BYOD has some measure of, devices supplied by students or their parents for academic work within the context of ABCD Elementary are the responsibility of the device owners.  Not unlike pencils and pens, they can be lost, break and possibly need repair.  They do however, when kept in good condition provide great opportunities to connect with new, novel and diverse learning opportunities with some teachers may choose to employ at specified times.

Just some thoughts. You're right, it's not an easy one to solve.



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