What kinds of technology do fine/performing arts teachers like or what kinds of things lend themselves to fostering student achievment in that realm? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello Tracy,
It looks as though there aren't too many art teachers meeting in the forums. I am out looking for some of the same answers as you are. I could suggest using blogs in the classroom as it allows students to post works, video of the projects they've either completed or are in progress. Fellow classmates as well as teachers can then post feedback and critique. They can also link to other artists and sites that may further the student in their development. I am studying to be a teacher, but am nearly finished and am looking forward to using web 2.0 tools in my work. It's important to get more sets of eyes on the student work than those in the studio/classroom at the time of critique. It's also important for professionals in the fields of, say photography or dance to give their two cents...Uploading one's work to a site increases visibility, and raises the stakes. It also allows the conversation to continue outside of the classroom. I think that it makes it more serious. I'm still investigating, but would like to hear if you've found anything that works for you. I'm really interested in the creation of digital portfolios. If your students don't work in say Flash or Html, then they could use tools like wordpress or Weebly. That way, the students can gain more of an overview of their work and put it into a larger perspective.
I am also wondering about this. I teach special education, I am just beginning to research and discuss ways students can enhance their creative and innovative thinking using digital tools and resources. How do you enable your students to demonstrate their knowledge in a creative way using technology? I like the idea of using classroom blogs to post student work, and I hope to pursue my own classroom blog. My goal for the fall is to teach my students specific skills and have them demonstrate their knowledge by creating visual representations.



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