In your opinion, do you think that technology and all of the advancements it has made will infact hinder children's learning?  By this I mean are students not going to know how to spell because of the access to spell check?  Are they not going to know how to do basic math because of the vast availability of calculators?  What are your thoughts?

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Hey Teryn,


Technology hinders student learning mostly when it is used inappropriately.  For instance, if students are typing an essay in Microsoft Word, they should be encouraged to review their work after they complete the assignment.  Using spelling and grammar check are great resources, but students need to rely on their own skills as well.  They still need to check their work.


In Math, they need to understand the actual concepts before they turn to calculators.  Elementary students need to learn their times tables before they use the calculators.  We all need to embrace technology, but use it appropriately. 



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