With the technology producing so quickly today, I am unsure of what technology 1st graders are able or is appropriate to use. I would like to become a 1st grade teacher because of my experience and my connection with that age. I love the way they absorb information and I want to help them start off with a great experience with school. 

I am wondering what technology is out there that 1st graders can use. I am only 19, training to become a elementary teacher, but I cannot remember what technology, if any we used! Even if we did, it would be out dated and probably not as engaging as when I was in school. In order to be able to effectively teach 1st graders, I will need to be aware and comfortable with the new technology that can help this age group grow and learn. 

I remember that we used a projector and the chalkboard. But now with the use of smart boards, there are so many ways to integrate technology in the classroom! I need some help in this area! It would be greatly appreciated! :)

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