How do you incorporate technology in your classroom to teach both content and 21st century skills?

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Hi Kathleen.
Sometimes as teachers we have the luxury of being able to incorporate technology into the curriculum. It maybe using IPads laptops or other computers to engage in learning, or researching. Maybe using an iPad or other digital device to record outcomes of maths tasks, speaking tasks or recording video of science experiments and so on. Unfortunately technology and 21st century learning skills don't always work in well with the content/curriculum. Sometimes you need to go outside the box and take the extra step to teach both; not necessarily at the same time.

We need a system of blended learning. But just using a heap of online application won't make out such a learning process. Teachers should bring in innovative ideas. Yes, of course technology can complement it. For example, you can introduce the review exams in the form of games like Jeopardy,”or “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. You could create an interactive classroom website or a space like wiki in order to share ideas, information, project details etc. In smaller grades you could make use of applications like spelling city. But above all these, innovation and interaction should work out in classrooms.


It's simple to incorporate technology into the classroom because your students will have exposure to gadgets and other methods of learning - videos, songs, computer games etc. It depends on what subject you are talking about. My classroom incorporates a game called School of Dragons to teach concepts of Earth Science and the Scientific Method. It uses the characters of the How to Train your Dragon Movie and the skills it teaches you are geography concepts, what goes into raising a pet, growing a plant etc. I have to tread with caution though because the point of technology should always be to enhance your content, not to replace your actual teaching. So exposure to technology, while great, should be scheduled only as needed. Not as a replacement!

Technology and interactive multimedia are more conducive to project-based learning. Students are engaged in their learning using these powerful tools, and can become creators and critics instead of just consumers.



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