I was just wondering if other trainee teachers and teachers thought that there is too much focus on technology in the classroom? What if you teach a subject such as drama where there isn't access to technology? Is it used too much to give teachers an easy lesson? Do children become more reliant on it? Also the cost, could this be spent on other things such as educational trips etc?

please share your thoughts.

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Hi Melissa,

In  my view, technology should be used as a tool to augment and/or supplement classroom instruction. Having said that, there are occasions when teachers place too much emphasis on trying to incorporate its use in the classroom, just for the sake of saying that they did with no real defined educational value-added or stated learning objective. In my opinion, teachers should be innovative and find creative ways to integrate the use of technology in their classrooms but must take care to find an acceptable balance where the use of technology tools helps to facilitate the learning process. 


In any part of teaching, technology should be well prepared to be efficiency in classrooms.


Am I misunderstanding the question? I think that using technology in the classroom prepares students for using technology in the workplace.  Being able to use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools is a commonly required competency for the modern worker, so becoming familiar with them during their schooling seems like it is in the student's best interest. It also give a really big canvas with which to be creative, in ways that were not possible in the past, as well as a potentially huge audience.  Using camera phones to make vines and youtube videos was something I never would have imagined when I was going to school.  


I completely agree with you.  If you don't use technology in the classroom, you are not preparing students for the real world..

I think technology is an unavoidable part of children's lives and should be embraced.  When integrated properly kids are engaged and motivated to learn.  Technology offers various ways to learn content and is a great way to differentiate.  Even in classes like drama, technology is used in the curriculum.  Drama teachers can incorporate videos in their lessons, they can have students create and film their own skits, do research on artists, costume, history of drama, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  I think in today's 21st Century classroom, technology must be used. 



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