I am a new Spanish 1 & 2 teacher at a technology-focused school. I have seen several other forums for how to include technology in upper-level foreign language classroom, but my students aren't quite ready to blog or skype in Spanish yet. I was wondering if anyone has any resources/suggestions for how to make basic grammar and vocabulary instruction more high-tech? 

(Any games, spelling tools, manipulatives, etc.?)

-Megan L

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BBC has some good resources:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryspanish/ (younger students)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/spanish/ (older students)
Hi Meghan!

I'm the Technology Coodinator for a private tri-lingual school in Mexico, hopefully this can help you out:

Directory of Educational Resources on the Web
http://www.alline.org (Find Foreign Language & Multiculturalism", at the bottom of the "Curriculum" column)

Also visit my Spanish Department's Links at:

If you need kids for ePals or Wikis, I got 1,500 Mexican students who need to practice English and German!!

Good Luck!
Wow! Thanks for the help. I will get back to you about the ePals. I think that might be a great idea for my class.
Hi Megan,

I also have this problem with students who are not advanced enough to use blogs and live online conference tools. I oranize online collaboration for them within vyew, so it is safe and easily adjustable. I have a friend of mine from Argentina who creates online learning games for Spanish students, so you two could get in touch via our www.vyewe.rs group and exchange ideas!
Hope this helps!
Thanks everyone for getting back to me!
Could they write simple stories with Storybird? Or perhaps you could write stories for them!

I have some links on this page including a Wiki by some MFL teachers.

You could just find some appropriate art work and give the vocabulary perhaps?
Hi Meghan!
Just noticed I gave you the wrong Engrade account :S

Try this one!!

Another idea is building simple vocabulary web games on kubbu, like the parts of the body and other nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.



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