What technology tools do you use in your preschool classrooms? How do you feel about technology integration in preschool? 

I am trying to integrate some of the learning activities and apps available in my preschool classroom.  There is a lot of fear and resistance about using technology with young children, but there are great learning activities out there that I want to integrate.

What are other preschool teachers out there thinking?

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I am a student teacher and I think there are positives and negatives with teaching young ones about technology. One positive is to allow children to experience technology at a young age to be prepared for newer technology that is going to be coming up in the future. The downfall is the fact that some kids, due to technology may be losing their innocence at such a young age with different websites and such.

As much as I would like to keep my preschoolers outdoors, children start using technology early. Kids are playing with their parents phones and tablets way before they come into a preschool so you might as well integrate technology in the classroom. It is a powerful tool after all. I think you will soon find that technology will become a must in classrooms, so you're on the right track.

I haven't yet bought any programs and choose instead to use the educational resources available online. For my class, I use Jumpstart. They are a group that have been creating educational games for kids for over 20 years. They now have online games for kids of all age groups and you can sort by subject. I use a mix and match of worksheets from this site and others and also encourage role play and "practical" days where I engage them in sensory activities.

How do you teach now? What is your typical lesson plan like?

If students have access to computers, either at home or in the classroom, then they can greatly enhance their learning capabilities. A number of websites allow students to watch game videos with which children learn thing more quickly. An Interactive whiteboard connected with the projector is a great way to teach preschool students.



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