Technology is rapidly replacing the need for pens, paper, whiteboards, markers with technology and resources.
Personally I am all for technology in classrooms but I am sure there are some teachers who are not. I'm interested to find out why?
Please comment, thank you

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Hi Melissa,

There is a total lack of technology in my current placement, but thinking about it, there is a lack of technology generally, especially as we have the equipment, but the teachers I work with don't make use of it. The main focus of lessons is to watch demonstrations by the tutor, then for students to go off and use the materials. We do have computers which the students use to help with research and recording their findings, and of course they have their mobile phones, but I can't say that I have seen any lesson I've been in where tutors are giving a lesson using the available technology. I am talking mainly about fine art classes, but it highlights that maybe we are missing a trick here to enhance the learning experience. That's one to give some thought to for my next session!

Hi Lissa,

I really enjoy integrating technology into the classroom, although I view it as a tool rather than a end-all or something that should complete replace pens, paper, whiteboards, etc.

In the past, however, I've worked for an educational foundation that funded workshops for high school students in rural areas.  Part of the reason the foundation did this was because the school would not/could not teach students the process of applying to college, teach them the technological tools they would need to be successful in college, etc.  We found that some of this had to do with lack of resources (in one county, the largest computer lab throughout the county had only 12 computers and they were all ancient).

We also found some of it had to do with "local politics" and the background/level of education of a lot of the leaders in the communities.  Some never went to college, some were farmers, some did not feel there should be a library, didn't think students should ever go to college, etc. - because they never had or did those things.

I think there were times when the teachers who wanted to integrate technology or work towards changing the culture finally gave up because of the resistance.  And I think there were times when there were teachers and school leaders who were part of the problem.

I think it will be interesting to see how education will look when the first generation who truly grew up only knowing life with the internet, iPads, smart phones, etc. takes over leadership roles.



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