Each week I send a technology tip to teachers in my district. We have over 2500 elementary teachers. However, I am running out of web resources. So I am reaching to you, the community, to help (Help!). 
If you have a web resource that you would like share with my teachers please send them my way. The love fun, cool, and free sites. Your web resources can be for kids too.
Example web resources that they went crazy for:
Thanks...I owe you one ;-)

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Check this site out. It is an endless list of random applications and ideas. I have gotten a few ideas from it that have contributed to my productivity. I have it on my feed and dip into the articles I find interesting.
Subscribe to someone like Richard Byrne and you will get close to 10 websites a day some days! Other blogs like these on my blogroll, also provide daily tips and website offerings.

Spelling city is great. I use it a lot. Another search engine you may like is
Others I have seen recently include Kerpoof, and one of my all time favorites is Arcademic Skill Builders.
Thanks for the web sites. Keep them coming. Tuesday is almost here ;-)
Here are the ones I link to from my 4th grade class website...

Here is my box of faves from Simply Box...

...and that's all you get for now! ;o)
SimplyBox is a very cool tool. I am curious about how you use it. Do you use it instead of something like diigo or in addition to that kind of application? I would like to streamline things a bit, and between my diigo and Delicious accounts, there's too much web content to manage! I'd appreciate any insight you can offer into this!
At the moment I use it as well as Delicious and Diigo, but probably use it more. I like the visual representation. You can organize them with several boxes, and I embed my collection in my blog too. I use the simply box icon in firefox and find it quick and easy to add new site. I dont bother with tagging etc, so it is quicker if I can just drag it into a box of my choice. Did you know that you can set Diigo to automatically add that bookmark to delicious? That way you just add it once to Diigo, and it will copy it to delicious.
I'd love to see your blog. What's the URL? Mine is: I know what you mean about tagging. Sometimes that takes more time than it's worth! I've been trying to keep what I put in diigo (articles, sections of pages) separate from what I put in Delicious (bookmarked sites). It's a little cumbersome.
Hi again. Just checked out your blog, it's very good. I teach elementary, but sometimes we dip into books that cross between, (e.g. The Hunger Games), so I will look out for those on your site. My site is
Wow the link is all I need. I have enough sites to last all year long.

Glad you like it. I like to have all my links in one place for the students.
Hey, Anton, feel free to send your folks to a podcast at TechTipTuesday, a similar effort we produced at my school, University School of Nashville, several years ago. Also, there's a healthy ration of links in the closing blog post that may be of help! Cheers!
I mean, of course, "Hey, Antwon." :)



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