As a student studying to become a teacher I was wondering if anyone could give me insight as to other methods of assessing student's mastery of subject material. Personally, I have always been a student who has had test anxiety and I feel that tests are not always the best method of assessment. What are some other methods of assessment that clearly demonstrate that the students have mastered the material and objectives without emphasizing test taking within the classroom? Thanks :)

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Hey Elizabeth, 

Have you looked into Problem Based Learning (PBL)? There are lots of great resources available online and it might be something to think about as an option to the tradition summative assessments. 


I have learned about this method within some of my education classes. I will definitely look online for more information! Thanks :)


Thanks so much... this website has a lot of wonderful information!
You could think about implementing more authentic forms of assessment that cater to a students talents. For example, if a student is a gifted artist, then allow them to create a drawing or painting and then explain it to the class how ti encompasses the subject material that they had been learning. Often these gifted artists are left behind because they possess a differnt kind of "smart" than schools traditionally accept.
Thanks so much... I appreciate the ideas!
I think this idea can be introduced really well in a technology class. Introduce the certain project to the students and have them begin to build on it, make something over a topic of their choice and represent the different aspects that the program can show. This here can be a test of its own, its teaching them how to use the product with the final outcome being the completed project as well as the knowledge of how they completed it.
Traditional pencil and paper tests are definitely not the only way to assess children as I have learned through my semesters in student teaching. One great way to assess students is to let them express what they have learned about a particular topic or concept in their own way! For example, for a course that I am currently in that deals with differentiation, my professor has given us the choice to show what we have learned throughout the semester in any way we want, whether it be through a painting, writing, or even dance! Doing something like this will let the creative students shine through and allow the teacher to see what they got out of a lesson or class.



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