The Data System Elephant in the Room: Improving Data Analysis Accuracy

Your Name and Title: Jenny Grant Rankin, Chief Education and Research Officer


School, Library, or Organization Name: Illuminate Education


Co-Presenter Name(s): N/A

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Southern California, United States of America

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Educator Leaders (administrators, department chairs, etc.) and anyone using data in K-12 School Districts

Short Session Description (one line): Apply research to provide data to staff in ways that assist analysis accuracy.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like): Most educators analyze student data in isolation and make flawed inferences, despite professional development benefits and the support of staff. This presentation provides insight into why this problem is occurring and sheds light on a source of support often overlooked: the data system, which has long been the “elephant in the room” when educators and researchers search for ways to ensure that data-informed decisions are based on accurate interpretation of the data. Educators around the globe use varied data systems to facilitate their analyses of student data, and research from around the world is shedding growing light on analysis supports that different data systems use (and in other cases, could use) to improve educators’ accuracy when analyzing data, regardless of language or country. The presentation summarizes the international movement in data system research that demands more from systems in the form of analysis guidance, and outlines specific steps educator leaders can take to ensure they and their data systems provide data to staff in ways that assist analysis accuracy and thus further other efforts in data-informed decision-making.


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Jenny:  I've tentatively accepted this proposal with the understanding that commercial proposals can only be given by conference sponsors.  Glad to have you as a sponsor if you would like; otherwise need to make it clear that any advertising of your company or services would be an abuse of the free platform.  Thanks!

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much; I am extremely excited to present. This presentation is definitely not commercial (in fact, though our company has made strides in the area on which I am presenting, I actually believe it has much room yet to improve in this area). My passion for this topic stems from my research, specialization, and experience regarding this topic, and those areas comprise the focus of the presentation. I look forward to sharing it and engaging in related dialogue with the Classroom 2.0 community.
Thanks again,
Jenny :-)

Hi Jenny,

I hope to be able to assist your presentation.

can u or Steve or anyone guide me in how to assist a presentation. I am new in this website and perhaps in blogging in general.


Fee Min.

Hi Fee Min,

Thank you for your interest! Do you mean that you would like to assist by serving as the session's moderator, who helps out during the presentation, or do you mean you would like to attend the session to hear it?

Yours truly,

Jenny :-)



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