The Effective Use of Educational Technology in the Classroom - When is it too much?

Hello everyone! 

In your opinion, what have you found is the best way to integrate technology tools into your lessons/classrooms in a manner that motivate students to learn. At what point does technology become a hindrance and distracts from the learning process? When is it too much? In your experience, how do you find the right balance? Thanks!


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Hi James,

I don't think the technology becomes a hindrance or distracts the learning process when it is used appropriately.  I think the best way to motivate students to learn using technology is to use it as a compliment to lessons.  Technology such as document cameras, SMART Boards, and laptops can be invaluable tools to teachers.  In my experience in 4th grade I used the SMART Board for almost every lesson.  Students used it to come to the board and answer questions, we researched topics as a class, or watched relevant videos that were content-based.  I think using technology in the classroom is what motivates and engages students.  They expect it. 



Hi James and Kerri,

When the term "Use of Educational Technology in the classroom" comes, I agree with you Kerri, I also don't think that it creates any hindrance or distraction from the learning process. But if you are using technology for teaching or guiding a kid at preschool or at home such as on laptops, tablets or even on iPhone, you should be little careful. And using technologies at classrooms such as SMART boards, Tabs, laptops and so on, make kids more attentive and motivated. They enjoy these type of activities and learning in classrooms.



I like to use resources in the classroom that my students can then use at home if they wish to do so.

I teach Maths and I regularly use WolframAlpha & the Desmos graphing calculator for example - both superb examples of resources students can use themselves.

I knew I was on to something when one of my Year 13 (UK age 17-18) came in to class and announced she knew there was a typo in our text because she checked the answer on WolframAlpha.



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