The Equity Game: An Example of Experiental and Mobile Learning

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Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., Adjunct Faculty


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Boise State, Argosy, American InterContinental, and Western Governors' Universities

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Idaho, United States

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This activity was designed to be used with High School, College-Level, and Adult Learners.  The target audience is anyone working with populations.


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The Equity Game is an example of how experiential and mobile learning can be used to explore and develop life skills such as communication, listening, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. The goal for activities like the Equity Game is to create engaging and authentic learning experiences.

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The goals of this session include:

  • To provide a rationale and general guidelines for developing experiential and mobile learning activities.
  • To describe The Equity Game and its use of mobile learning and QR Codes.
  • To explore how participants can develop similar activities for their own classrooms.


The questions I seek to address when designing experiential mobile learning activities include:

  • What effective instructional activities did I use in the past that can include mobile device integration to make them even more effective?
  • Will it be interesting and engaging for the learners?
  • Will it be an authentic and relevant learning experience?
  • Can it facilitate critical and reflective thinking?
  • Does it have the potential for to cause a change in thinking and/or behavior?  (Grant Wiggins recently wrote about this in Everything you know about curriculum may be wrong. Really where he discussed the point of learning is not just to know things but to be a different person – more mature, more wise, more self-disciplined, more effective, and more productive in the broadest sense.)
  • Does it have the potential to be epic?


The goals for this experiential mobile learning activity include:

  • To explore issues related to unequal distribution of resources.
  • To explore principles related to communication, non-verbal behavior, emotions, listening, and conflict.

The full description of The Equity Game can be found at



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