Do you think that Google Classroom is the Classroom of the Future? If yes, why?

I believe that GC helps to make learning process easier and more paperless. Education should be connected with modern technologies.

But maybe there are some pros and cons... What do you think?

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I think its going to become true.

Google Classroom is a big step to the future of education. But I believe that there is something much more innovative than GC.

I think the feature of education is experimental learning where students are educated through the first-hand experience. Causee as I know many of students complain that school teaches them only how to pass exams, which has a little in common with real life. It’s only about memorizing facts while half of the time students don’t understand even them.  They think testing should use a combination of critical thinking and prior knowledge. And teachers should make it more about the learning experience, and more like real life. I agree with it. That’s why I think experimental learning is the feature of education. Basic tools for such learning could be virtual reality and gamification. Virtual reality is great for telling students about complex subjects, such as astronomy, where illustrations in books might not be enough. Gamification can make something as difficult as studying law more understandable and even exciting. Because it is proven that a combination of immediate feedback and strong visual stimuli makes people want to repeat activities over and over again. This engages and motivates students to achieve their educational goals.




Nancy, thanks for your answer. You have a very interesting point of view. I'm totally agree

Thanks for your discussion, Michael! It's always interesting to meditate on such an exciting topics! ;) 

Guys, and what is your utmost important list of tools? In what way you use Google classroom to help the learning process rock? I'd be thankful to get any recommendations for a teacher of world literature :) 

Rosalie, thanks for your attention to this topic! 

That is my list of favorite tools:

1. Hemingway App - it helps to evaluate your work, flagging overly long or difficult to read sentences. 
2. Urban Dictionary - it’s helpful for writing and generally just plain humorous for all applications.
3. Szoter - by using this online annotation tool, ELL teachers can write directly on images to explain their meaning to students.
4. Unicheck - it's a plagiarism detection tool. I hate when students plagiarize. So this tool helps not only me to check student works, but also helps my students my write their works in correct way ( I mean without plagiarism, with correct references and so on). Frankly speaking, it's my favorite tool.
5.Wordsteps - makes it easy for students to build their own vocabulary collection, and even access their vocabulary through a mobile device for English language learning on the go.
Colleagues, maybe someone else can recommend favorite teaching tools? Don't hesitate!)

I think learning management systems like Google Classroom have the potential to be part of the classroom of the future. I've used others before Google Classroom - first Engrade, and then Schoology. Each has its pros and cons, but the ability to assign, collect, and grade work through the computer is definitely revolutionary.

In particular, I like it because I can include links to resources for my students within specific assignments. Years ago, I had to maintain a class blog or write a list of shortlinks on the board to do that. It was also great for me for keeping things organized instead of filing papers away in an endless amount of folders.

The downside, tho, is that this assumes that every kid has access to a computer and the Internet. When I spent two years teaching in a computer lab, it was great. When I went back to a regular classroom and had to deal with access issues, it wasn't. In fact, since I've lost access to the computer lab I've put less emphasis on Google Classroom than I would prefer.

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