When Google Wave finally releases later this year it is going to stir up things across almost every industry. It has tremendous implications for education and stands to be the most intuitive collaboration tool ever conceived. Check out my post on ISTEConnects and let me know what you think! How might this tool might shape the future of education? See you at NECC 2009 very soon!

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@Aaron Imagine coordinating lesson plans globally and collaborating with massive networks of students and teachers to produce what would likely be some of the most valuable education content ever.
Opportunities for instant communication and collaboration! I love the character-by-character transmitting for the instant messaging. How much time will that save?! The playback feature is the most wonderful thing. And did you see how all 4 people were editing captions on those photos at the same time with no lag time?

This can have a huge impact on student collaboration. I signed up for early notification of Wave's release. I just want a t-shirt now. Do you think they'll be at NECC, Joseph?
I'm not entirely sure what Google will be doing at NECC. If they are there I plan to grill them on Wave and what their plans are to support the future of education.
There will definitely be Google reps at NECC. You going I take it, Donelle?
Hey Joseph!

Cool new pic. :) Yes!!! I found out yesterday that the district is paying my airfare and I'm paying the rest. Will you be there? Didn't see you at CUE. Do you know of any after-hours events to go to during NECC? I'll be there on the 25th.

Will totally need to stop by the Google booth and have a conversation about Wave. Let me know if you will be there and I'll stop by your booth too!!
Wow! What an amazing program. I just took part in the online Go Wild With Wikis and some of the problems encountered tonight will not be an issue with Google Wave. Instantaneous editing with multiple users!!! It's going to be awesome tool to use. I especially liked the idea of replying to notes being taken at a meeting. I sure would use that at my school.
This is interesting. I need to watch the video. My questions remain the same. What to do about school filtering and not allowing social network sites and how do I implement this with high school English and all that we read? I tried looking for Ibsen sites in Norway that I could get the kids to work with so they could get connections with the play An Enemy of the People. Couldn't find anything. So much of it has to do with time and the lack of it. I guess I need to watch the video and then become creative....
I really should post in the introduction thread first, but this topic really fascinates me.

In terms of the Legal/Administration concerns, one of the 3 major parts of the presentation in the video is the ability to set up a local non-Google Wave server with a ready-to-go default configuration. Without seeing the actual code, I can only speculate that this could allow Students and Teachers to use the Wave collaboration and communication facilities in an Intranet / VPN setting while still blocking external Wave connections via Firewall. That server would then have permanent records of every on-campus communication, along with the convenient playback feature for any specific Wave or sub-section of a Wave. However, that sort of internal configuration would frustrate some of the appealing opportunities like collaborating with classrooms from other countries or easily integrating external mentor / expert volunteers in student projects.

Personally, I hope to see some sample "robot" or widget code that could be adapted to make interactive simulations that students could modify and discuss within the Wave environment (eg. population models for Ecology units). The closest example so far is that Yes/No/Maybe feature they demonstrated - a shared document/program that reacts to clicks on graphics/regions in pre-defined ways at the root of a Wave.

The real-time auto-translator module looks fantastic for effortlessly accommodating English Language Learners as well.
Are you planning to integrate Google wave into your ning network? Seems like a logical move - it this were possible.
I really want to experiment with this software but can't seem to get an invite from google. Any ideas where I might be able to get one so that I can start playing?
I recently got a google wave account, I am completely amazed by it and cannot wait until all the ppl that I have connected with web 2.0 have accounts. This is going to change twitter, plurk, and facebook forever!
I have 5 or 6 Google Wave invites to give away. If you're interested, drop me a line with the email address you'd like me to send your invite to.

I'm looking forward to being able to "wave" with a few others. It's a bit lonely in Google Waveland.




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