When Google Wave finally releases later this year it is going to stir up things across almost every industry. It has tremendous implications for education and stands to be the most intuitive collaboration tool ever conceived. Check out my post on ISTEConnects and let me know what you think! How might this tool might shape the future of education? See you at NECC 2009 very soon!

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If you have any of the invites left, I'm excited to check it out. :)


Hello, I am very impressed and still waiting for an inivtation. I am using google apps and docs for online language teaching and I want to try now GoogleWave!

I would love to get an invitation too.
My email address:
It's on the way, Daniel. -- 4 remaining
Thank you!
Eric, if you still have invites, I'd certainly be interested.


Thanks for the offer no matter what!
It's on its way, Jeff. 3 remaining.

Remember, it may take a while for it to arrive. Google is taking its time to distribute these invites.
Hi Eric,

Mind sharing an invite with me?


Thanks a million!
OK. It's on its way.
Thanks! Can't wait to ride on :)
Can you invite more?
I have been trying to get an invite for awhile now :)

IF you can- and IF you feel the need to share it, I would gladly accept the invitation.

My email address is:

Thank you!
Sorry, you're a little too late. They're all gone.

Not to turn this into a begging for a Google Wave invite spam-fest (oh, the horror) but occurs to me that each of Eric's invitees will in turn be able invite others. This is not the place, but is there a thread or a spot out of the way that we could exchange invite offers and requests. I'm very interested, and indications are good that Google will roll this out to apps domains. I'd love to have the time in the environment to understand how this tool might be used in our learning environment.



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