Encouraging students to take charge of their learning is a an effective way to keep them engaged and motivated in the classroom. When students feel that they can influence or guide their own learning, they are far more likely to participate in class discussions and activities. 

Here are 4 ways to encourage your students to take charge of their learning:

1) Integrate topics that interest them. Get to know your students personally: ask them about their interests or hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and what inspires them. Take note of the sports or games they play, the people they idolize, the music they listen to, and the books, television shows or movies they watch. If you can integrate these topics into your lessons or activities, students will be more interested, as well as invested, in the subject area.

2) Keep it fresh. Change up the flow of the school day: teach a lesson that is normally held indoors, outside. Bring a couch into your classroom or offer pillows for students to sit down on during a class discussion. Play music during certain activities, invite guest speakers, or use technology more often. The more you surprise and excite your students with unexpected lessons or changes in the usual daily routine, the more energy they will have to participate. 

3) Ask what they want to learn about. By encouraging your students to share ideas about what they want to learn about, they can make suggestions and guide their learning. It will provide them with the opportunity to contribute to their own learning and research or discuss topics that matter to them.

4) Set goals. If students set and monitor their own learning goals, they will be able to track their own progress and see how their hard work influences a positive outcome. If the goal is not achieved, assist your students in visualizing the necessary steps that need to be added so that the goal can eventually be achieved. Alternatively, modify the goal so that it is more realistic. If students can keep track of their own learning, it will instill them with a sense of responsibility.

5) Be a positive role model. By being an enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about learning, your positive energy may inspire your students to follow suit. Students often idolize their teachers (whether or not you know it!), so by demonstrating how much you care about education, your students may eventually adopt this same attitude and perspective.

By implementing these 4 techniques, you are providing the necessary tools to encourage your students to take charge and direct their own learning. This involvement may even instill a lifelong love of learning that will stay with your students into adulthood.

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Among the points mentioned, one of the important things to go ahead is to choose topics that they are interested to do. This can help alot and help them to keep engaged with.

These are the above tips help to encourage students to learn things with interest. Teachers should try to explain most the subject theories practically because it helps to develop creativity in students and also understand the subject concepts easily. 

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Well said here with the positive tips for the students to learn, however the teacher should get guidelines from the syllabus to keep track of what they are intended to learn as per the curriculum. This will provide a good insight for all students.

You mentioned 5 techniques, not 4 :-) And the 5th point is actually the most important one. Some teachers underestimate the role they play in classroom and ignore the fact that students reflect their behavior. 

We should also pay more attention to introverted students, since they need more time to be engaged into the classroom activities, and here is how to help them: https://unplag.com/blog/introverted-students/, no one should be ignored!



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