The President's Scrapbook - A WebQuest for elementary students

A few years back I took an online course to learn about webquests, and made one for 2nd graders based on a project I'd done with 2nd graders using powerpoint to guide learning about certain Famous Americans prescribed by the state.

The link for that The President's Scrapbook is:

I've just updated it with the picture of our new president, and got to thinking. Virginia has specified Famous Americans for all the elementary grades, and they are on the Famous Americans link at listed by each grade. I am wondering how well this webquest would work in K and 1st grade, and then in 3, 4, 5th grades.

Should I include the pictures on the webquests for K and 1 so that the kids just have to write up the information (dictate, etc). Is there anything else needed for these young'uns? What about 3,4 and 5. Will they need the pages set up, pictures put in place or they should import pictures from the webpage? At which grade level could I expect the kids to do a powerpoint from scratch without me making the model?

If I create a similar webquest for non-Virginia classes, what grade level would be best to direct the teacher to prepare the power point in advance, and at which grade level could the students be expected to create it from scratch? At what grade level could an individual students make his/her own powerpoint for the whole project instead of making just one page of it?

Have I made myself clear as mud here???

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