My school district is allowing the principals in each school to decide if the speech will be shown to students. I think (maybe) each teacher will decide.

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Didn't see this discussion, I posted a similar one today.

I look forward to reading the text of his speech tomorrow and plan on using it this week with my middle school students in conjunction with a motivational song "Swim".

I used President Obama's election night speech as a writing prompt for my students last school year...

"Yes We Can" Student Essays
I look forward to reading the speech. Unfortunately our school lacks the bandwidth to stream. Will download for later use. No TV's that can get the speech.
Did you see that Laura Bush had some positive comments about the speech? Good for her! We can't let the extreme right and extreme left control the national conversation.
Students need to do their best and graduate and contribute to society. I hope everyone agrees with that.
Teachers in my district are being encouraged to preview the speech and show it later if it aligns with our curricular objectives for the lesson we are teaching. Since I am not in the classroom with kids, I will be able to watch it without restriction.
I am guessing we will not watch it as I don't think we have any digital converter boxes for our tvs! I guess we might stream it online, but if anything, it will be looking at the transcript...handily posted on this forum I see!
We only have a half day tomorrow. I personally will be watching, but without students. I think our superintendent is breathing a sigh of relief that it was scheduled during teacher duty time. I've heard alot of negativity form parents, as well. What a shame that our president cares enough to try to encourage kids to do their best and people have to construe it so poorly.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but is your district in a area that generally votes Republican? You don't have to answer. I ask because I am getting the sense that Republican-leaning areas are against the speech and Democratic-leaning areas are for it. That's the real shame.
No, my district is mostly blue collar Democrats, with a Democratic mayor and representative, but it is socially conservative. We have a large Muslim population and a large traditional Catholic population, so reactions to social issues are always very interesting. We also have a relatively new superintendent who hasn't really learned to choose his battles yet.
That's interesting. I'm glad I'm wrong that everything isn't strictly Republican vs. Democrat in the United States. Have a good (1/2) day tomorrow!
President Obama delivered a speech that restated something that all teachers believe: Students must take ownership of their learning.
My children are home for the day, and don't seem afflicted by any of the horrors some people were imagining. Either that, or I'm ensnared by the icy grip of insert scary word here and don't realize it.
The calm and silent (overwhelming) majority have prevailed.



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