The beginning of June is usually characterized by glossy eyed, frizzy haired teachers who are frantically grading student assignments or are gulping down coffees after late night dates with report cards. Summer break is nearly within your grasp, yet you can't see passed the mountain of work that seems to be blotting out the sun.

Before you have a nervous breakdown or call it a quits, remember these four tips for how to make it to the end of the academic year:

1. Organization. Wipe the dust off your agenda books and calendars and put them to use! Organize your workload according to deadlines, level of importance or the amount of time it will take to complete a specific task. 

2. Goals. Set realistic goals for yourself to break up the work into manageable chunks and to encourage you look ahead to the next step.

3. Recharge your batteries. Never forget to look after yourself: spend time with your family, go for a run or read a book. Do something that relaxes you and helps you expend negative emotions. It's important that you still have time for yourself. 

4. Sleep. As difficult as it can sometimes be, aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. If you are constantly exhausted, it will take you longer to get your work done and you will increase the risk of getting sick.

Always remember that your health and happiness are paramount to your success. We remind our students that organization, goal setting, relaxation, exercise and sleep are important for their developing minds and bodies. Why should we be any different?

Good luck to all of you teachers! The end is in sight!

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