Social networking gives us many more ideas and information than just talking to another fellow educator. We can list specific topics and get information quickly. Someone always has another idea to enhance yours. With tagging you can save time when looking for a specific item or topic. And it is fun to talk to peers doing the same thing you are only in a different setting. Changes I have faced, more challenges, are learning how and having the time. That should come in time.

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Thank you for posting this discussion. I am actually speaking about this very topic this weekend at a conference called T.E.L.L., or Technology, Education, Leading, Learning. I'm actually going to be talking about PLN's in general and forums like this one. We can learn a lot from those around us. From professionals to people just getting started, there is so much we can learn from each other.

I love social networking because it really expands the network around you immensely. You can basically ask any question you want, and people from all over the world respond with their ideas, suggestions, experience, and expertise. How great is that!
Connecting with other educators is indeed one of the best ways we can do to enhance the teaching-learning process. With this, we can get ideas from one another. By looking into the suggestions of other educators, we are able to apply what we think is best for our situation. On the other hand, by giving out ideas, we are able to help those who want to give and do their best for the educational process. It is good that we have a site like this.

Jonald Justine U. Itugot
University of Santo Tomas, Manila
I am sharing tools for creating a PLN to California science teachers this week. I will use some of your positive comments about social networking for educators. Thanks for sharing. I have found that a social network is like a human powered internet search.
I am in my masters program in Language and Literacy and the advancements in today's world can really impact students and teachers. Technology is the best way to communicate with family, colleagues, students and parents. It is quick, easy and all at the click of a button. I love the fact that I can shoot a quick email to someone at school and get instant feedback within the day (sometimes as quickly as at snack time). It saves me from running around and wasting valuable time!
You bring up great points about the wonderful world of social networking, Bev. There are many benefits, as you have pointed out, from immediate information sharing to collaboration taking place across different time zones, and not to mention the emotional aspect of support and encouragement we all need on those tough days!

The challenge I've come across is learning how to develop and maintain a large enough network to be able to get to that point in the first place. Using different web 2.0 tools like Twitter and Nings help in branching out and reaching more wonderful people though. :)
I think social networking is a wonderful thing. It sometimes makes me wonder how educators in the past got by without all of this technology! Hahaha!!! What did they ever do without it?!?! On a serious note though, it really is a great tool to connect with other educators who are we are not necessarily directly working with (ex. in same building, district, location, etc.). It's nice to gather ideas from people from all over and put them into practice...we can all learn from each other!

I am currently working on my M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and am taking an online course called "Professional Learning Networks." It's a great course in which we're learning about all there is out there in terms of social networking, bookmarking, blogs, etc. Classroom 2.0 is a great way to network and learn from other educators who are dealing with the same issues in their classroom or whatever it is they want to discuss...chances are, you'll find someone dealing with the same things! I love it! The only drawback is that there is so much out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming! But I agree, in time, learning to navigate our way through and finding what pertains to our needs will come in time! It's awesome! :)
Emily, I too am working on my M.Ed in C&I and additional certification in Ed Tech. I am sooo jealous that you get to take courses on PLNs! I'd love to have something like that in my ed-tech program, but they're not requisites! Go figure! :( That's why I'm trying to look for open courseware on PLNs and Web 2.0 technology and learn on my own!



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