I am writing this discussion  for your collegial expertise, comments, advice, et al.

I have recently taken on the position of Intervention Specialist.

Feeling my way through this. I have students who are brought to me because of disruption for one period, the rest of the day or the week. It is challenging.

I have learned many things from my students: They do not value authority, they do not care about learning, they have behaviors that are not conducive to learning. They are regular education students in Middle School. I could write a page of what I have done, what I am doing, and what my goal is. I will stick to the "what my goal is." I want my students to value learning, I want them to be responsible adolescents.

My principal wants me to focus on CISM (curriculum instructional sequence model) using text about behavior. If you are not familiar with CISM, it is a thorough process of organized reading strategies (processes) which are centered around a scholarly journal from content area.I have found some at Tolerance.Org, and a few other magazines in our media center. This doesn't seem to be working. 

As the day goes on,,I am taking lots of notes. Students' are talking too much! We do have some break throughs; though, not as many as I would like. Please any comments? 

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