We can’t overestimate the value of computers, iPods, and other various forms of technology. Yes, they are all great for playing games and forwarding funny emails, but isn't real work still done on paper?

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I guess it depends on what you mean by 'real work'. Yesterday I observed a group of high school biology students drawing out the various stages of mitosis and meiosis by hand. I'm all for pencil and paper, really I am. But their brains would certainly have been working if they'd also watched a video simulation of cells duplicating DNA and dividing right there for them to see. Sometimes the real work is in their heads - the connections they make - not on the papers I mark.
Interesting point. With this new day and age I feel online education shouldn't replace the standard model, but instead supplement where there are pitfalls. I see sites such as http://www.edufire.com, http://www.udemy.com, and http://www.sclipo.com are great ways to supplement current education. New technologies may not adhere to the same characteristics and models of traditional brick and mortar education, but you still have the opportunity to learn just as much online and in a much more varied sense with broader courses and learning topics. Just thoughts.
Many people think technology is the answer. Well, I once drove my car into a lake. Why, you may ask, did I do this? Well, because of my GPS - technology told me to drive my car into a lake.
Here is a great video outlining why technology is so vital for education. This is a message to educators from students: “Prepare us for the future, not your past.” The YouTube video titled “I need my Teachers to Learn” shows why educational technology is especially relevant for today’s student. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxHb5QVD7fo&feature=player_embedded
Thanks for sharing this! I've often been amazed at the technologies my children use everyday and thus take as a given, things that I couldn't have imagined when I was growing up. This video does a really nice job of expressing that message.
I don't dislike technology, it just scares me. That's all....

Especially when they start making life-size robots. Big mistake! It is my firm belief that all robots should be no more than two-thirds the size of humans. It will make it much easier for us to stop them in case they ever decide to turn on us. Also, these robots should probably have nothing longer than a six foot extension cord to keep them from being able to chase us in the first place.

Technology is great, I'll admit it... But, lets not be apathetic to the dangers of technology as well....
I think that we need to be careful about technology and to make sure that we can still figure things out for ourselves and not let technology do our thinking for us.
One of my favorite quotes is "Technology is a tool, not the teacher"
Ajay (Mobl21.com)
Great quote! That's why professional development is so important! Did you see this article from "Teachers Network"? It agrees that effective learning comes from effective teachers. It then asks, "How do districts develop, support and retain this type of educator?" Great read. Would love your comments. http://www.facebook.com/SmartEdServices#!/SmartEdServices?ref=ts
Great thoughts!
I am very interested in this topic, I have been a Smartboard user for 4 year now and have all of my lesson on the Smartboard. Now with that said I still have my students copy everything on to Paper templates that go along with my notes. This helps students keep up with me, some are fill in the blanks some Mult-Choice. I feel that students need to use Tech but not be dependent on it. I teach High school math in Mass. I love the new tech am I am very interested in the new smart tables but have not seen them used yet anyone have experience with using a Smart table in high school math classes. I would love to chat

As far as I understand it, the Smart Table is for younger students. We demoed one and your options are limited to primary/elementary activities...not that HS might not benefit :-)



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