We can’t overestimate the value of computers, iPods, and other various forms of technology. Yes, they are all great for playing games and forwarding funny emails, but isn't real work still done on paper?

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Thanks for the info, My hope would be that I could have 6 tables in a room of24 students and be able to change which tables work could be sent to a LCD then view students work. This would be great for collaboration and seeing different ways of solving a multi-step problems
just a hope
Hi Tony,

You should really get your hands on the SMART Table! What makes the intuitive SMART Table fitting for your high school math class is the fact that it allows your students to collaborate to reach the answer. This is a life skill that will endlessly come in handy in their futures. For you as a teacher, the opportunities are also endless. You can create customized flexible content, use pre-made activities, or do a combination of both.

A few SMART Table applications that would be beneficial for your students include: multiple choice, paint, hot spots, hot spaces, and addition plus. The name addition plus can be misleading because it’s really “math” plus. You can ask the students to collaborate and find answers to any whole number question.

The paint function would be great because you can scan in your worksheet or problem, and then have the students work it out as a team with the digital ink. This helps them to get a good visual picture of how the problems should be completed.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. Below is a link to more information and a video that shows the table in action.

I am working now on a blended prototype of the classroom of the future. Each student will have a laptop that stays with them and it will be programmed with modules from 15 - 90 minutes in length. Each module will be followed by a self-test and since everything will be on the computer, engaged teachers, parents, or approved stakeholders will be able to see what the student has learned and how their comprehension was. After each module and successful completion of the test the student will gain access to a game for about 30 minutes. The game will incorporate as much material from the previous module to reinforce in a second method the knowledge the student should be learning. No artificial barriers. Any age, any gender. The student will compete more with their own progress than with others. 3 teachers will be in the class which can accommodate 40 - 100 students. The teachers can be 3 vets, 1 vet + 2 training, 2 vets + 1 training. If a student has a question, one of the teachers will answer it. If any of the teachers feel a student needs one-on-one attention they can take the student to another soundproof room for up to a half hour. One hour for lunch. Lunch will have 30 minutes where the teachers return to the class for a free-for-all discussion of what the students are learning. My prototype will be 50% in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and 50% in Haiti. Once we get the bugs out we can distribute worldwide and I will need at least a million people to provide content, translations,creative curriculum. Think of the freedom here. You as a teacher can live anywhere and still tie in electronically to any class. We can do annual plays, create movies, make music, etc. I am 61. My children & children are born of Sony, Nintendo, WII and MTV. We need to instruct them in active engaging ways but it does not mean that each teacher needs to be a movie star.
Dear Deb,
I am 60 years old, soon to be 61, we are in the same boat,

I am not an educator, but I was a student, The teachers that had the greatest effect on me were actors, They loved their subjects so much, that they acted out their lessons, They challanged my indolence toward school, they could see behind their backs, and call my name to require my comment on the subject in question. Could not catch a nap in class. They could embelish a phrase or a quote that hung in the air. "Mr. Caprice!, How does this statement relate to this period of our history?" (Geez! How many times, I was not paying attention?)

Not all of my teachers had this greatness, but the ones that did, had that positive effect. The challenge worked.

There was a great "Twilight Zone" episode about this effect, It is the long lasting effect of inspiration, that can only be endowed by a teacher that cares.

We had the most important multi-media technology in my class, The mind, voice, and dedication of the teacher.

Technology is a tool,,,,not a crutch!

I would like to know more about your project. I am taking a grad course on online course development and it inspired me to rewrite my pre-algebra curriculum this summer to be a hybrid course.

Why is no one else at all concerned about the danger of increased technology leading to a growing number of robot attacks?
...so you finally got bored with PowerPoints then?
that stuff was way too complex.....
We all know the 3 Laws of Robots! ( as per Isaac Asimov )
1.A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2.A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3.A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Other than the "Terminator", "ASH" in "Alien", or those Nasty machines in "The Matrix" all robots must obey these laws. Hey! We got it covered!

Watch the skies! They're coming!
JJC (humor)
I don't know, John. Have you watched the latest episodes of Caprica on SciFi lately? I can see why Sean is feeling a bit nervous... XD
Personally I feel that technology is just another tool to help aid and supplement learning. I choose to view Web 2.0 tools and electronic devices as additional options that my students can choose to use to help them to strengthen the connections they make when they are learning, and to help them better express and articulate their learning experiences. I don't think it matters which medium they use as long as they can show me their thought processes and what they have learned - that is my definition of real work.
Hey Cheska,
I do agree....some technologies are effective tools.

I have the pleasure of speaking to teachers across the country.
I am amazed by the lack of technology in many of the schools that I speak with. Their tech budgets are so small that they have to bundle 3 classroom's funds to purchase one projector per year.
I wind up donating refurbed or old demo equipment. It is a good cause.



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