I'm looking for some feedback on my post about friends and colleagues getting left behind in the social media revolution. Please give it a read and tell me your thoughts. Thanks so much!

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I don't see it happening. Education isn't going to change. We still have more teachers using overhead projectors than LCDs by far. We still sit kids in the exact same classroom set ups as we did 50 years ago. The "real world" might change but those who refuse to advance will still find a home in education.

How sad is that?

On another note, I don't believe social media is here to stay, and I say this as someone who lives on the Internet. Don't believe me? Who would have ever thought e-mail would be supplanted as the go-to communication tool as quickly as it did? Nobody. Social media is a fad in my eyes (notice how quickly MySpace has lost its domination) that won't go away (like e-mail hasn't) but will be relegated to its own little corner of the net like all the other tools that have come along.

I don't know what the revolution is going to look like but Twitter isn't it.
Interesting perspective, I'm not going to say that social media is a fad, but I'm willing to compromise and say it is plagued with them. Thanks for the comment, please share it with our blog readers.



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