things that could hamper the effective use of technology with in a class room

Dear All,

Have to write a report on various factors that could effect the purposeful integration of ICT in an Early Year Classroom. Would love to have your opinions!!

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You planning is the most important thing which could effect integration of ICT in positive or negative way in an Early Year classroom

Well, Wajiha I believe that basic thing that stops the effective integration of technology is MONEY. the ICT resource are pretty expensive and is a huge investment.However it is the hands of administration, how they want their mony spent to purchase usefull resources.

Thank you very much for responding Jia. I do realize that financial constraints are one of the key factors in effective of implementation of technological tools. fortunately our school is one which is equipped with latest tools, however what I feel is the lack of commitment from the teaching staff. What can be don about that.!!!

thats rihgt, but you see it is again the management who has to make sure that all the expensive resources are being effectively used! 

 I agree, It does become managements duty to give the teaching staff incentives for this purpose. Teacher  training becomes a must for creating a culture whrere people are comfortable with technology.

But must understand that the trainings will be wasted if the teachers attitudes are not positve. It will all go invane if the traings are not brought into practice. The teachers should be enthiusiastic and be able to handle technology.

Sure, a teacher does have a lot to contribute in this regard. However I have met teachers who are apprehensive in using ICT. They fear using internet with their students. They are of belief that there is danger of students indulging in immoral activities. thus students should not be given the independence of using internet.

You know, it a lot of time an patience is also an issue which keeps teachers from using technology purposefully. planning is the key stage which is demanding. On should throughly evaluate the resources before bringing them in the classroom.



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