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Over the past year, BlueShyft has worked diligently to create an entirely new online and mobile learning solution for educators: Elearis.  Elearis is a very (emphasis on very) easy to use content organization, creation, publishing, and live learning environment that enables teachers to build and share classroom supplemental materials, lessons, courses, and assessments.  

Elearis is different. It's not for programmers or techies.  It's for educators.  It's not an authoring tool (I think I did a pretty good job in 1999 creating Lectora).  It's an online solution that helps educators organize and deliver the learning materials that they use everyday to students.   Instead of working over 2500 hours to create an online course, teachers can spend an hour or two creating next Tuesday's lesson.  They can include text, videos, audios, animations, PDFs, group discussions, assessments, and, yes, even complicated interactive objects (created with tools like Lectora and Storyline) to their students.  Educators drag and drop the content they want to share with students, select a design, and single-click publish the "lesson" iPhone and Android Apps. 

Elearis is responsive, mobile-centric, and very likely the easiest way to get content and student results into your learning management system.  Elearis and the mobile Apps play well with all leading Learning Management Systems.  Check it out at  

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This thing is very important because there is much needed of these resource who have not much time for go and taking the one to one classes or for those who has not much space for a tutor to teach at their home

Try the free trial.  Would love feedback!

The website sounds interesting!! Will work on it to see how it can contribute to an effective learning environment.

Sounds great, I'll check it out when I have time. Thank you



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