Hi all,

I am going to try knocking out two things with this post. First I would like to say hi to everyone on classroom 2.0. I am new here, and I look forward to the conversations I will be having with you.

And second I am curious to know what social network services built specifically for students exist if any.

Something along the lines of what Facebook would have been if it hadn't left its college roots. But a service that focuses far less on the social side (pictures, videos, etc) and more on facilitating collaboration between students.

I am not talking about an LMS either which is teacher - student oriented. I am talking about a student-student tool that helps any one student connect with every other student.

Thanks. Looking forward to exploring this topic with you.

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Just cae across this post on Elgg 1.0. Guess I should have looked around a bit more.

So now I would like to expand my question and ask "If you have used Elgg or Mahara in a class setting what has been your experience with it?" and "How are students using it?"
For student social networking or collaboration, we build our own nings (like classroom2.0) or use a wiki eg wikispaces, wetpaint. For example of student networking see the flatclassroom ning.
This looks like a great project. I spent some time browsing through it, but it looks like more of a place for teachers to organize and communicate ideas/projects than a place for students to network and collaborate.

You mentioned using wikis... that seems very interesting. In the case of a wiki, how are you using it? Are you creating one wiki per class with different pages for different projects? And who gets administrator privileges... students or teachers or both?
This is very cool. Exactly what I was looking for. But I have a question... it seems like StudyBlue has been around for awhile (2007) but it seems very quiet... not much discussion happening.

Then again it might just be my school (University of Houston). Do you know if there is more happening at other schools?

Can professors and teachers join? If so do they get any adminstrative privileges over their class?

And how do those same professors and teachers feel about note sharing? For some reason I have a hard time imagining my professors or teachers being ok with it.
I know of two teachers (one high school, one 6th grade) who have used classroom nings with their students. Both report good results. Has anyone else had success using a ning with middle school students, and would be willing to share? I teach 6th grade, and am still considering using one with all four of my classes next year.

Liz Peters
This might be a little different but when I taught English in Korea, I set up a Ning network that students and teachers from across our institution could use. The network was targeted at the upper level students who also tended to be older... around 12-15 years old.

My honest opinion is that it was successful while I was there. A few of the other teachers who started using it found it very effective as well. It really helped to carry conversations out of the classroom. And the conversations started by the students were by far the most interesting.

I think that one of the reasons that it worked out pretty well was that our class curriculum at each level where exactly the same as every other class at that level. I think having this in common meant that students from different classes could communicate and collaborate with each other easily, thus increasing the overall activity on the network.

I also allowed students to upload music to the network which they really liked. Having a social dimension to the site helped make it a more appealing place for students I think.

But I had trouble getting our administration to back it. Their biggest concern I think being that it was outside of their collective control.

In any case, I just checked back in on it, and today it is basically a ghost town. There hasn't been a real post since March which is about the time I left. Lesson there is that you need a strong advocate to keep people involved.

Hope that helped.
If you want to check out the site... it is cdimasters.ning.com. The network is protected... but if you just want to browse through it let me know.
Ever considered having them start a Google group for simple discussions and exchange?

FYI, Yahoo is coming out with Kickstart - a social network geared towards helping college students and alumni connect professionally.

You can read more about it here: http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2007/11/yahoos-kickstart-connect...
yeah I remember reading about kickstart but I can't seem to figure out if it actually ever launched. I know they announced their launch back in 2007 but I just checked their page and all I see is a redirect to HotJobs.

Did Yahoo already give up on it?
You're right. It's unfortunate. They did give up on Kickstart.

Read here: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/17/another-one-bites-the-dust-yah...
Here are others I came across:

Oycas is a social-networking tool for the students and teachers in Universities and Colleges. http://www.peerglobe.com/portfolio/oycas-social-network.html

Loomagoo is an online service created to connect students. Using classified listings, students can:

* Buy and Sell old textbooks
* Upload and Share notes, study guides, and supplemental learning material with classmates




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