I'm gearing up to do my first collaborative writing assignment - group writing conclusions to an experiment. I know Etherpad is now OOS, but I found http://primarypad.com/ which has the same look and feel. http://piratepad.net/ is the same but I can't tell if it's going away with Etherpad?

I read a blog entry at Free Tech 4 Teachers about pre-populating a prompt: students will be in groups of 3-4 and each group needs its own pad. What are your tips, suggestions for making this first time use happy and effective?


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Jeremy, sorry am I being silly here - your link has lots of links - is this what you and your class were using?.
Yes, that's the one.
Thank you Jeremy - and such a quick response!
I had emailed the help at PiratePad to find out about viability. Aaron says none of the Etherpad clones will be shutting down when Etherpad.com does next week.
Thank you Jane, that's useful to know.

So many sites out there - one has to make a judgement about which will last!
I just saw that Google bought etherpad, shut it down, and now started it back up under a new name. Typewith.me is the new etherpad. I think it looks exactly like the old etherpad.
So which one do we use Jeremy?
Is Typewith.me the one to go with? (Not PiratePad?)
I have been using Piratepad and it works well. I haven't used Typewith.me yet, but I am sure, since it is powered by Google, that it works quite well.
I don't think typewith.me is Google, as at the bottom it indicates it is hosted by Atlas Networks. As long as it works and is available, though, nothing wrong with it at all! I will be interested to see how Google incorporates it.
Ok, here is another real cool collaborative app that I just found. Check out Twiddla. I think it is the best one I have seen yet because of all the extra functions like drawing and loading pics. I am excited to try this one out in the classroom.
dang... don't show cool stuff that costs money... :)
There is a free version, it depends what you want to do with it.

I like the look of Scribblar and have been playing with that. The links are all in this post on online whiteboards.



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