I'm gearing up to do my first collaborative writing assignment - group writing conclusions to an experiment. I know Etherpad is now OOS, but I found http://primarypad.com/ which has the same look and feel. http://piratepad.net/ is the same but I can't tell if it's going away with Etherpad?

I read a blog entry at Free Tech 4 Teachers about pre-populating a prompt: students will be in groups of 3-4 and each group needs its own pad. What are your tips, suggestions for making this first time use happy and effective?


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I agree with Colleen. From what I can tell, Twiddla only costs if you register and want more options. As a basic collaborative tool, it should work with no additional cost.
Here is another!

Does anybody use Google Wave?
My problem with Google Wave is that you have to go through a process to use it, epescially with students. I think that the computers also have to be operating with Google Chrome. This makes it hard to use with students. Having said this, I think it would be awesome to use with students.
I'd like to share a cheatsheet for Google Wave: http://goo.gl/nGsD (available in English, French, and Spanish)

I just found ietherpad and came here see if folks wanted to try it out.  Then of course I found this conversation.  Gotta love classroom 2.0.  Thanks for all the good information!






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