A teacher (high school) has asked me for help, and I'm turning to you. She wants to give her students the option of creating a digital "scrapbook" for The Great Gatsby. They have used Glogster, but that won't work for this project. I have suggested prezi, but surely there are some other options out there? Does anyone have any recommendations? Anything you've tried and found to work successfully?

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Why won't Glogster work? Anyway, if you're looking for something more scrapbook like, you could try http://www.scrapblog.com/ or http://www.smilebox.com/
Actually these were two I looked at, too. Have you used either? I am in the midst of trainings and haven't had the time to try them out yet for myself.
I've used both personally & like them. I haven't tried to use them with students. Smilebox requires a download of software to your computer which could be a problem in schools.
Thanks so much! This gives me some good direction.
For digital scrapbooks, I love Mixbook. http://www.mixbook.com The finished product can be shared with teacher/classmates, made public, or even printed (by mixbook -- nice quality) for a very reasonable price.
This looks interesting...I'll have to check it out. Thanks!
What about a zoho notebook? It edits like a word processor, easily allows the addition of images, video, html, slideshows, rss feeds, even whole webpages and it organizes them into "pages" just like a real scrapbook. The students can even share them with each other and the teacher.

I haven't tried the other resources though I will have to check them out.
Cool. I'll give it a try.
I read about the project. I don't agree with that Glogster couln't help as a tool. I think it is perfect one. I have tried Smilebox for that purpose too but my oppinion is Glogter is better:)
Check here - I made a tekstbook for my 2-nd graders, a poetry book, a and ect.
Kids can also share glogs and comment expressing their opinions, which is great!
Adobe has a new software coming out, where you will easily be able to create projects like this one. If anybody is interested in joining the Pre-Beta test, please email me at sameer.mehta@edelman.com




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