Topic 2: Examine and analyze the character Calpurnia.

Topic 2: Examine and analyze the character Calpurnia.  What is her purpose in the novel—why does she exist?  How would the story be different without her?

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What is Calpurnias purpose in the novel,Why does Calpurnia exist,How would the story be different without Calpurnia? The book To kill a mockingbird  needs Calpurnia. Calpurnia is an African American cook/Housekeeper who takes care of Scout and Jem. She lives with the finches and is basically a mother to them. ( They treat her as family) To support this idea further Scout says  "She had been with us ever since Jem was born, and I had felt her tyrannical presence as long as I could remember" ( chapter 1 pg 7 line 6-8 ) Without a doubt this explains how Scout thinks of Calpurnia as a Mother instead of a housekeeper.This is the reason of Calpurnias purpose in the book, and why she exists. The story would be different without Calpurnia because she plays a big role with the finches. Besides being a mom to Scout and Jem. If the book didn't have Calpurnia, Harper Lee would have to make up somebody different to be the finches cook/housekeeper or Scout and Jems mom would have to be alive.  This if why Calpurnia is important in the novel and needs to be in the story To kill a mockingbird.

I agree with how you say Calpurnia plays a big role with the Finches. The fact that shes already the Finches housekeeper and cook already shows that shes something to the family. Atticus and Aunt Alexandra exchange words in the middle of the book about Calpurnia where Aunt Alexandra dislikes Calpurnia to where she doesnt want her in the house and thinks shes a bad influence. Atticus argues back saying that shes been there for him and the kids and he "wouldnt have gotten along" without her. The Finches see her as family, as one of them and without Calpurnia in the book your right about Harper Lee having to change the story line by inputting someone else like a different housekeeper or an actual mom. Calpurnia's role in To Kill a Mockingbird  is very effective and impacts the story in a big way.

Calpurnia's purpose in the book how to kill a mockingbird is to show scout and jem right from wrong and to teach them to have manners and to be respectful individuals. Without calpurnia scout and jem would not be raised correctly. Especially because calpurnia is extremely tough on the both of them. Scout and jem would not have manners and be respectful without the help of calpurnia. In chapter one page 7 scout says "She is always ordering me out of the kitchen asking me why I couldn't behave as well as jem". She is expecting both of them to always be on their best behavior and to be kind. Without calpurnia they both wouldn't be polite nor have any manners.
Who do you think influenced the kids lives more? Atticus or Calpurnia?

Why would you say the kids "would not be raised correctly"? Do you think Atticus doesn't have the ability to raise his kids so he needs Cal to raise them?

There's no way anyone could say that with or without Calpurnia that the kids would or would not be raised correctly. Calpurnia plays a huge role in Scout and Jems lives and she does of course help raise them and teach them in different ways. Without Calpurnia the story couldve ended up going many ways. Maybe there wouldve been an actual mother, or as you said Atticus raising the kids. Now as you see in the book, Atticus is interacting with Scout and Jem throughout the story just not continuously. It's more like short talks then he goes and returns at times. For example when Scout is a bit shaken up from talking to Jem Atticus checks in on her but very quickly. Sure Atticus may have his own business to attend to but even with Calpurnia in the story Atticus isnt there to always lend a hand to them. None the less,  Jem and Scout are still taught things from Atticus its just that Jem and Scout would be raised differently without Calpurnia, not incorrectly just differently since they wouldnt experience the mother figure that Calpurnia shows.

Calpurnia's purpose in To Kill a Mockingbird is much greater than just cooking and cleaning for the Finch family. Calpurnia is largely responsible for teaching Scout and Jem about what it means to be a good person in the context of the community around them. Without her to teach and serve them like their mother would jem and scout would probably would not be the way they are right now.
I agree Calpurnias purpose is more then just a house keeper she doesn't just cook and clean and do all of that house stuff.Calpurnias purpose is to show scout and jem how to be polite how they should treat others because really Atticus is not always around for the kids ,but Calpurnia is. Scout see's calpurnia as a mom not just as a house keeper ,because growing up without ur mother next to you thru every step is really hard.Thats why calpurnia plays that character because she's part of the finchs family she's means a lot to all of them Atticus ,jem and scout.

What is Calpurnia's purpose in the novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird'? Calpurnia is a black woman who is the housekeeper belonging to the Finches. Even though in the story or as a character she is known as a housekeeper, she is more like a mother to Jem and Scout and considered family to Atticus. At some points in the story she even stands out as a role model to the kids. To further illuminate this idea, Calpurnia says to Scout, "There's some folks who don't eat like us, but you ain't called on to contradict 'em at the table when they don't. That boys yo' comp'ny and if he wants to eat up the table cloth you let him, you hear?" (Lee 24). In this part of the story, Jem had invited over a boy named Walter from school who was poor. As lunch was being served he had asked for syrup and "drowned" his food in it.Scout decided to point it out and make a  big deal about it which is when Calpurnia came in and began explaining to Scout a form of respect to show to their guest. This just goes to show that in this novel, Calpurnia is a mother like figure in the Finches home. Without Calpurnia in the book, Harper Lee would need to adjust the story to where Jem and Scout have an actual mother, or just living with Atticus or even a different woman in the house who probably isn't a mother type figure in the house. Calpurnia plays a big role in the roles that Jem and Scout play throughout the novel which is what makes her important.

Calpurinias purpose in TKaMB is to be a motherly figure for Jem and scout. She shows many characteristics of a mother, like worries about them and is always there to help the kids. Also, Calpurinias even scolds them if they do something wrong just like a mother would. There are many moments where calpurinias shows motherly characteristics, one being when she scolds scout for not being polite to her guest (Walter Cunningham), when scout makes fun of Walter for putting too much syrup on his food, calpurinias calls scout over and says "hush your mouth, don't matter who they are, anybody that sets foot in this house's your company and don't let me catch you remarking in their ways like you was so high and mighty!" (Lee24).This shows how calpurinias won't let scout do something wrong just because she isn't her real mother. It shows she acts like scout is her own responsibility and she needs to help raise her up.This undoubtedly shows how calpurinias is a mother for Jem and scout, and without her, they would not have grown up to be who they became.

I agree with the fact that Calpurnia is a mother like figure to Scout and Jem with how you say she has many characteristics of a mother. The way she "scolds" Jem and Scout (Scout especially) is what gives her that mother like figure. Calpurnia scolding Scout about respecting "comp'ny" and also saying "hush your mouth... anybody that sets foot in this house is your comp'ny... (Lee 24). Calpurnia speaking with Scout like this just goes to show that mother like figure she is in the Finches home. I also agree with how you mention that Scout (& Jem) are like Calpurnias responsibilities. Calpurnia plays a very effective role in Scout and Jem's lives and that without her everything would be different

I thin the reason why calpurnia exist in the story is to be the mother figure to the two jem and scout. And if she were not in the story then jem and scout would be all over the place doing what they want whenever they want.



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