Topic 8: Examine and analyze the character Miss Maudie Atkinson.

Topic 8: Examine and analyze the character Miss Maudie Atkinson.  What is her purpose in the novel—why does she exist?  How would the story be different without her?

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Miss Maudie Atkinson's purpose in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, was to help Scout see the better of things, for her to develop thoughts of her own: to be open-minded. Also Miss Maudie always tries to send a certain message/idea for Scout to build up onto. This can be proven by in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, in chapter twenty-two, introduces Miss Maudie talking about the trial of Tom Robinson - a black father who is accused of raping and beating a young woman, but is innocent - that Atticus Finch has no chance of claiming Tom Robinson's innocence, because of the color of Tom's race. Miss Maudie explains to Jem and Scout, "It was no accident. I was sittin' there on the porch last night, waiting. I waited and waited to see you all come down the sidewalk, and as I waited I thought, Atticus Finch won't win, he can't win, be he's the only man in these parts who can keep a jury out so long in a case like that. And I thought to myself, well, we're making a step - it's just a baby-step but it's a step." (Lee 289). This proves that, children don't take hard things in so easily, because they are naive and innocent, but there is always a person to develop those messages into simpler terms. Also it proves that, even in the toughest situations, things can be spoken by a wise person about the truth. So if the novel To Kill A Mockingbird did not include Miss Maudie, then how will the messages and the truth about society get into Scout's head?

I agree with your reasoning's about Miss Maudie. I think Miss Maudie is a lady of integrity, shes very nice and kind to everyone in Maycomb county. She is one of the most understanding citizens there. Miss Maudie lives across the street from Scout and Jem which allows them to play on her yard, and for Miss Maudie to interact with scout. To further explain this idea a quote from the book called To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee states ''she loved everything that grew in god's earth''(Lee42). This is saying that she is a very caring and delightful person to be around, and she was a very good friend of Jem and Scout. And i also think the title of the book ties in with Miss Maudie because i think she could be a symbol of a mockingbird, that doesn't do anything but tries to make others feel good.

Wait wait wait... I think you misunderstood my intentions. Integrity means to doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching you. Having integrity means you are true to yourself and would do nothing that demeans or dishonors you. What I meant to say is that, she is very wise and seems to see things in other ways/perspectives. In my opinion, I don't think Miss Maudie is a "lady of integrity", she seems more like a person who does things in what she believes in and it seems like she has experienced to bad and good within her lifetime. She does talk in a hidden way, so people can take the time to develop the message to what she is trying to say. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough before! :)

Miss Maudie Atkinson is an important character in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". She gives great advice to Jem Finch, Scout Finch and Dill. Miss Maudie Atkinson is also mother like towards the Finches, she sometimes takes care of them. She also sometimes invites the kids to her house to feed them and talk about issues going on in Maycomb. In the book "To Kill a Mockingbird", Miss Maudie Atkinson tells Scout Finch,"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up peoples gardens, don't nest in corn cribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why its a sin to kill a mockingbird." (Lee 90). This shows that Miss Maudie Atkinson is important because she is telling Scout Finch something that she will grow up thinking about. Miss Maudie Atkinson gives advice to kids to help them in their future. She is the children's best friend among all the adults.

I agree that Miss.Maudie is like a mother toward Jem and Scout. She more than once in the novel "To Kill a MockingBird" gives the Finches advice and tells them things that they didn't know. As Harper Lee (author) writes "Well, did you know he's the best checker-player in this town? Why, down at the landing when we were coming up, Atticus Finch could beat everybody on both sides of the river"(Lee 91). This goes to show that she tells Jem and Scout stuff that shock them. Also, Jem and Scout look up to Miss.Maudie.

I disagree with you about Miss Maudie being a mother figure for Jem and Scout. She is more of a character that is there to help them when they are down. She tries to show them the brighter side of everything rather than let them sulk in the negativity. Miss Maudie says to Jem when he was upset, "Don't fret, Jem. Things are never as bad as they seem," (Lee 215). This shows that Miss Maudie is trying to get Jem to cheer up so he can always look at things in a different way. She tries to get him to look at things in a more positive way so he can see that there is more than one way of looking at an issue. Also, why would Miss Maudie be a mother figure when they have Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra to help them through their struggles. That is why Miss Maudie is a character that helps them when they are upset.

When you say that "she is more of character that is the to help them when they are down."^^ Isn't that what a mother is supposed to do?

not really, a mother not only helps a child, but tells them what to and not to do, although miss maudie is very helpful to the kids, she isn't a mother like somebody such as calpurnia.

I disagree with you about you saying that Miss Maudie isn't in the novel to be mother figure to the kids. You say that Miss Maudie is in the book to help the kids when they are down. Isn't that what mothers do? Miss Maudie is always helping the kids understand and always protecting them. Whenever someone says something they shouldn't say around them or about them, she is always there to stop them. Miss Maudie in chapter 22, when Miss Stephanie and Mr.Avery start to talk about how the kids go to the court and are criticizing Atticus and the kids Miss Maudie says," 'Hush, Stephanie.' Miss Maudies diction was deadly,"(Lee 287). Miss Maudie like any another mother would do, she told Miss Stephanie to be quiet because she was saying the bad in front of the kids. One of many jobs that mother have is to protect their "children" and this is what Miss Maudie is doing. That's why I strongly disagree with your comments on how Miss Maudie isn't a mother to the kids.

In the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, Miss Maudie Atkinson is this character that is introduced as a nonjudgmental women that guides Scout through Maycomb of telling her the positive and negative things about it. Miss Maudie always questions Jem and Scout where they are going because she is always worried for them and tells them to always do the right thing when you are supposed to. Everyone laughed at Scout because of what she wanted to major in, but Miss Maudie was there to let Scout know that she is here next to her no matter what and boosts Scout's confidence when she needs it. Miss Maudie loves spending her time talking to little children, especially talking to Scout because Miss Maudie would always tell/warn her about things in the county and Scout learned things about Atticus that she didn't know before. Miss Maudie always makes up time to spend time with Scout and other adults. She always shares her thoughts to whomever she would want to and would be respectful for others thoughts. Harper Lee states, "There are just some kind of men who - who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results" (Lee 64). This clearly means that there are these types of people that always are interested in something that's not very important and are most worried about keeping everything in the community perfect and stable, for example religion. Religion plays a big role in this part because people now a days are too focused about getting things straight instead of actually caring about the different types of people around you that need help or need support. If the novel did not include Miss Maudie, Scout or anybody wouldn't have a special guidance in Maycomb to look up to.              

Ms. Maudie Atkinson's purpose within the novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, is to show the children the brighter side of everything. Ms. Maudie would never deny that anything is wrong, but she always finds the better way of looking at things. She tries to teach this to Jem and Scout after the trial. Ms. Maudie told Jem the day after the trial, "Don't fret, Jem. Things are never as bad as they seem," (Lee 215). This shows that Miss Maudie always saw a positive side to everything, regardless of the situation. She would also go as far as to try and teach this valuable lesson to Jem and Scout, the children, who are much more easily influenced, to help teach them that everything that is negative, has also had a positive side to it. That is Miss Maudie Atkinson's role in Harper Lee's, To Kill a Mocking Bird.

      Do you really think, The Wind 9A, that Miss Maudie's purpose in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird is to "show the children the brighter side of everything"? Yes, it is true that Miss Maudie does sometimes show brighter things within hard times, but is that the true purpose of Miss Maudie? The true purpose is for Harper Lee to send her messages to the readers to build on, and have deep thoughts on. Like the readers, Scout listens to Miss Maudie's wise words and begins to gain an accurate and deep understanding of her father - Atticus. As one of Miss Maudie's knowledgeable comments,"I simply want to tell you that there are some men in this world who have born to do our unpleasant things" (Lee 215). Or another thought about how "there are just some kind of men who—who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.” (Lee 51). These both prove not only does Miss Maudie show the brighter side of things, but she also gives lessons to not only Scout but also the readers to develop these thoughts.



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