Topic 5: Examine and analyze the character Atticus Finch.

Topic 5: Examine and analyze the character Atticus Finch.  What is his purpose in the novel—why does he exist?  How would the story be different without him?

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What I think the reason Atticus finch exist in the this story is because he is related to the main character. And If the story would to change and he was not in it then there want be an actual story.

Atticus finch is one of the most character that has intgertiy or shows it in to kill a mocking bird because of the way stuck up for tom robinson at the court house. also Atticus plays an important role in to kill  mocking bird because with out him we as the readers of the book. we wouldn't know about the court system and we wouldn't know how tom was doing in the system also atticus stood up for tom when the mob came to linch tom he stood there and held his ground knowing that someh=thing bad was going to happen and that he was out numbered.

Atticus stuck up for tom and everyone also was the best role model for not only scout but jem as well because when the mob came and jam said that "no I'm not leaving" and after Atticus said " I'm proud of you son" also he sets a good example for scout so yes Atticus plays a big important role if Atticus wasn't in the book to kill a mocking bird the  we would not have not seen how jem and or scout would have been influenced and to see how they've grown up but lets not forget how he him self shows the integrity of trying save tom robinson as well as he was black at the time and he tried to save him. 



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