I am introducing classroom 2.0 to my staff as an excellent opportunity to network with like minded teachers. I was wondering if anybody would like to share some positive experiences they have had with Classroom 2.0 so I can share this post with my teachers. I am leading this session on Monday so for practicality, I'd like to show how this site provides quick feedback and a wonderful place to share and learn new ideas. Any posts you have would be much appreciated.

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We have a great student blog, the blog authors are 4th-6th graders. You can see the other projects we've done over the last few years here. We used podcasts in our project called Titanic in the Classroom (see Biographical Sketches). Let me know if you want other specifics, I've seen blogs done as famous people like Harriett Tuman and seen a high school class use nings where all the posters are people from the Civil Rights era. ( ning can only be used by 13-17)
Thanks for the response :) These are some fabulous examples that I will most definitely share with my teachers. How specifically did Classroom 2.0 help drive any of these projects. Did you do any collaboration on classroom 2.0 with other schools? Did you learn about blogs and podcasts for Classroom 2.0? I'm trying to show my teachers how they could utilize this tool in their own professional growth, and would love to hear if classroom 2.0 helped drive any of these technology projects.
I started our blog/wikis before CR 2.0, I did get advice on other projects here and learned about other things through readers here and on other blogs. I learned of Tikatok here and we did some great books with 2-4th. Good luck with your inservice.



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