Your Name and Title:  Kathleen McClaskey, Co-founder

School, Library, or Organization Name:  Personalize Learning

Co-Presenter Name(s): Barbara Bray, Co-founder of Personalize Learning

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: US

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s):  Teachers, administrators, teacher education programs

Short Session Description:  Discover the steps to transform your learning environment to make it personal for you and your learners.

Full Session Description:
Why transform learning? Why make learning personal?
Teaching is changing. Teachers are working harder than ever. Learning is hard. Learners need to be more engaged in the learning process. This means teacher and learner roles change. Want to do something about it? You can from day one by trying some of the steps the presenters will share with you how to make learning personal.

  1. Understand the differences between Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization
  2. The Missing Piece: The Learner
    1. Understand your learners (UDL Principles)
    2. Learners understand how they learn best.
    3. Personal Learner Profile
  3. Unpack the Standards Together
  4. Develop Driving and Supporting Questions
  5. Design Personal Learning Environment (PLE)
    1. Stages of PLE
    2. Example PLE (Kevin McLaughlin)
  6. Choose appropriate tools, resources and strategies
    1. Existing Resources
    2. Personal Learner Backpack
  7. Assessment AS Learning

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