We will be giving a short talk on this topic.  (I work on The Eighth Floor in Tulsa, OK.)  We have ideas and topics we have identified in this area.  

We are curious what other people might see as trends in education.   


Thanks in advance for sharing.

Lee Anne

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Hi Lee I am from Pakistan. My institution has taken initiative to use technology in teaching and learning. We have  Promethean boards, IWBs and computers in the classroom and other than that we ctry to use technology as per where it is required. I have seen a tremendous change in my learners they are now more independent and confident and their attitude towards studies has also changed.

I have seen ppl using social networks in the classrooms to identify various findings of the people from different backgrounds and cultures at the same time,which i find really good .Having access of any knowledge is a matter of a few clicks .I am a technology worm and can't imagine my self without it which makes me feel dependent most of the time

Hi Lee,

I teach Mathematics and ICT to Grade VI. I can tell u that students enjoyed learning through different ICT tools. Although our institution have limited resources but I try to use them as often as possible but I also plan carefully so we are not just using the technology but we also make sure that technology should enhance students understanding of the concept. I use web 2.0 technologies and different online tools e.g. IXL.  I am always exploring new software and online tools which can be used in Mathematics class. My institution also encourage me to explore new software.



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