We're thinking about using twitter as a back channel option in the classroom. Has anyone already gone that route? Please share your experiences.

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Thanks for sharing this information. How did you establish the 'protocol' for what was appropriate to tweet and what was not? Or did you even have to worry about that?
Aren't kids distracted enough as it is?
Aren't 21st century learners supposed to be multi-taskers?
That's the mythology...
Heather--there is no such thing as multitasking. They are able to do many things less well!!
No such thing as multitasking? I think most of us as educators multitask everyday...I know I certainly do! Who has the luxury to do one thing at a time?

I think our students are very good at multitasking...especially when it comes to things they enjoy and are interested in. If they are lacking focus we need to help them balance and prioritize. This is definitely a 21st skill that they will need to master in order to be competitive in a fast-paced, global economy.
I stand by my response to Jill below. I'm a mother of three grown sons and have worked full time for 25 years--sure I multitask--but the point is you do nothing as well!!
Who is being distracted---the students or the teachers? Most students I know can multi-task on much more than I can--if it is of relevance and interest to them.
Jill, Students, but I won't argue with you but will agree with Ian ..."That's the mythology....." The latest research I've read on "multitasking" says that there is no such thing--it's just dong a number of things less well than if you focused on one at a time.
Maybe share some the reading?
Jill. The latest article I read was either in e-school News or T.H.E. Journal. I'll look and see if I can find the article and get back to you. N
Jill--I'm back. Do a google search for 'multitasking myth'. Here an article from The New Atlantis . I'm not a luddite, I've been using technology with my kids for 20 years--but I'm worried. I'm starting to think that Mark Bauerlein may have a point regarding his fear for our country. "As of 2008," the 49-year-old professor of English at Emory University writes in "The Dumbest Generation," "the intellectual future of the United States looks dim." lol



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