This Spring, I have been asked to participate in a panel discussion about a video. The plan is to show the 45 min video then have a panel discussion about the video. I thought it would be nice to have a twitter back channel discussion during the video as a way of collection questions to guide out discussion. I was going to use Twitterfall and a common hash tag to show the comments as the movie played.
My question is: Is this a worthwhile thing to do? (I hate it when people use technology just to use technology)
If we were to expand this to the entire conference, how do you get the word out? Is it by word of mouth or is there something listed in the program? I see such potential in this. One common complaint that people have about this conference is that they "good" workshops are always opposite each other in the schedule and people have to make some tough choices. Twitter seems like a nice way to share info about what is going on in the workshops.
Is there anything I need to be aware of as we start this? I would love to hear form others about their experiences?

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I think using a backchannel during a 45 minute video is a great idea - but I don't know if Twitter is the right tool. Twitter is great for promoting your session and encouraging folks to come (do use a hashtag) but then switch to a chat tool like Today's Meet to include those audience members who don't have Twitter accounts. You also won't annoy all your followers with a ton of tweets for 45 minutes.

Using a back channel can be very engaging for audience members but it needs to be focused. The goal should be about engaging the audience. Direct the discussion with questions and follow up comments and take command of the conversation. Recruit a few key folks to back channel with you. Do not display the back channel in front of the room.

I mainly use backchannel during my presentations for questions or opportunities for audience members to share what they know about my topic and I always recruit a moderator. I usually try to post the chat of the backchannel after the presentation for reference for all who attended - or for those who couldn't.

Good luck. Here's a recent article from Mashable about backchannel:



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