We FINALLY have Twitter open to teachers in my district, and I also now have a phone that makes using Twitter more practical. YAY! I am working on building up who I follow, and am already gaining an improved information stream.

I do not have many followers, and very few in education, which is my primary intent with Twitter use. Short of building followers, what is the best way to query something out and get beyond the few who currently follow me? Is there a particular @ or hashtag that would help? Many thanks!

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Are you trying to dispense information out, or pull information in?

Followers are not as important as who YOU follow; that's where your info stream comes from. You can start with your state's dept. of education, or the federal one, and see who follows them.

I'm @EmeraldCitySpEd
There are some disabilities resources that i have placed on one of my lists. You can feel free to check them out if you want.
I'm not worried about the list of who I will follow, I know I can build that up well over time. I'm thinking more of when I want to push a question or such out there and have enough people in the mix that there is some level of response. I know there are lists built out there, any good ones in the ed tech world that are good places to start?

Thanks Joe, all help is appreciated!
I am stangea on Twitter. Try following the following hash tags for a bit and you will quickly tap into a network. It can grow quickly. Look at the lists other people have created and begin following them.

#edchat (the best list)
#caned (if you are Canadian)
Hi Jeff
I'm very new to Twitter too and still getting my head around it. My twitter name is Aaannne. I've picked the people I want to follow from the blogs I enjoy on my RSS feed and also from #edchat. I am gradually building up a reciprocal following by posting links to my blog and retweeting things of interest.If you tweet your stuff to me then I will be happy to retweet to my lists.




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