Does anyone have any tips for developing a typing program for 5th grade?  Software that they recommend, etc.?

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I use Type to Learn 3 for the upper grades, 3 and up.. there is also Dance Type that is a web based program, you could google it. The one big thing I make sure my kids do though is keep thier fingers on home row while using the program.
I would recommend Mavis Beacon as a typing program. There are also free "typing tests" online, ( that are timed and can be printed once they are completed, it measures the gross and net words per minute as well as the accuracy.
Thanks! Will look into.
You MUST try Dance Mat Typing. Very good, very interactive, and intuitive.
Thanks Jonathan! I will! Whitney
I use this with my 6th and 7th graders and it works well. It is more on learning the keys than building speed but I have found that once you have the basics down speed will come.



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