MAY 2009 UPDATE: My fourth graders are going to be studying the states soon and will be doing research on one of them. As part of their research I'd like them to interview someone, hopefully in grades 3-6, about what it's like to live in that state and what they like best about living there. I'm hoping to conduct the interviews via video chat - with Skype or iChat.

If you are interested in helping us out, please visit the project wiki -

If you participated last year and want to help again, please update your info and use red text color. This way, I know who is interested in this year. The wiki still has the participants from last year.


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HI Chad

I am an Engaged Learning Specialist and computer teacher at Gower Middle School in Burr Ridge, IL. I work with grades 5-8 and specifically teach 5th and 6th grade computers. I am familiar with Skype and would like either my 5th or 6th grade class to video conference or I can involve a whole grade level which is around 120 students. If you don't have Illinois booked yet, I would love to try it and get other staff members excited about the experience.

Just joined Classroom 2.0 as soon as I saw your post.

Michelle Hoffmeyer
Hi neighbor, good to see you in Classroom 2.0! I am geographically close to you, but if you do ever need help using Skype with your students, let me know! Great project Chad, soooooo much better than the "state report"! Skype "megormi"
Hi Meg
I met you 3-4 years ago when you came to Gower to talk about handhelds. I remember you lived in the area. Thanks for offering help with Skype. I will Skype you if I need help. If it is just a small group I should be okay. We now have some MACs with built in webcams.
I have used Skype only one time. I really want to use it with another classroom next year. I would be glad to have one of my 2nd graders try to answer questions about Kansas. RoJene
Hi; I am a teacher in New York City. This sounds like a fabulous project! I would gladly be part of this, or can possibly have a few students for yours to interview. Good luck! Debbie
Debbie, that would be great. Can you please let me some contact info? Email, Skype/chat name.

Hey there,

I think a video cam is an awesome idea! Unfortunately, we just lost our tech facilitator for personal reasons. She was fantastic! Anyhow, I would be glad to help you out! I can have my students work with yours. E-mail me at with more information on what you need.

I'm a fourth grade teacher in sunny Florida!

I teach elementary art in Missouri. I'm not sure I have the equipement for Skype or iChat... and yet I'm interested in your project.
Hey Chad!
I am a fourth grade teacher in Texas. I haven't used either of the programs that you talked about, but I'm very interested in participating in your project. I'm sure my students would have a great deal of information to pass on.
My email is
My students have a writing blog at
Do you have anyone from Michigan yet? If you set up a wiki at pbiki you can put a gabby chat pack on and then meet at a certian time and chat
The wiki is protected so we can't add our info.

Add me:

State: Oregon
Name: Colette Cassinelli - teacher
Email: colette.cassinelli AT gmail DOT com
Twitter: ccassinelli
Skype: colette.cassinelli



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