MAY 2009 UPDATE: My fourth graders are going to be studying the states soon and will be doing research on one of them. As part of their research I'd like them to interview someone, hopefully in grades 3-6, about what it's like to live in that state and what they like best about living there. I'm hoping to conduct the interviews via video chat - with Skype or iChat.

If you are interested in helping us out, please visit the project wiki -

If you participated last year and want to help again, please update your info and use red text color. This way, I know who is interested in this year. The wiki still has the participants from last year.


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Thanks for the update. We are interested in your project again this year. Our 3rd graders do more in depth study of our state (South Carolina) but any grade 3rd -5th is available for conversation on Skype. I am jonelleg on Skype.
FYI for all:
A new resource that was sent to me through twitter, this maybe helpful to you as you continue to network! I like the way they set up the directory for each state. Maybe people that have commented here, should add their information to help get the word out.

I have a 5th grade class in Maryland about 30 to 40 minutes outside D.C. I am in the midst of setting up a webcam in my room. I know how to use both Skype and iChat so either program would suffice; however, it will depend on what my county will allow. We are actually trying to set up a video conference with a class in Arizona who we paired up with through ePals so this project would be a great follow up to our initial launching. Let me know if you would like us to be a part of your project.

Hi Matt,

We'd love to set something up. What days and times would work for you? I'd like to get something set up as soon as possible.

Check out this link:
Please register with us. Our goal is to connect educators up via Skype.
My fourth graders just finished a photostory on Michigan I can either email a copy or link you to my wiki where it is posted. You can also see the Michigan section on our Flat Stantley Project Wiki. Would you be willing to get a virtual Flat Stanley and have your class respond to what what Stanley would wear in your state, what places he might visit and email links to some of the sights?
Kelley, are you still interested in helping us out?
Hi Chad! I know that my second graders are a little under the cutoff, but I am very interested in attempting the video conference via Skype.
What days and times would work for you to schedule a chat?
We are still very interested, Chad.....we're in Oklahoma
Great, we need a class from Oklahoma. Let me know days and times that work for you.
Our last day of school is Thursday, so let me know.



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