Use of Interactive White Board (IWB) in Chemistry Class

I am a Chemistry teacher and I am using Interactive White Board (IWB) in my teaching practice.IWBs encourage greater active learning between pupils and teachers but my concern is that the creation of one’s own teaching objects is time-consuming, especially at the beginning.Secondly, handwriting is restricted as compared to the traditional board (pupils often only click on buttons).
what should I do use IWB effectively.

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Well, Ms. Naila the use of every ICT tool is linked with the rationale behind using it. In term of positive effects, theory suggests that IWB's helped in:

1-Highlighting, coloring, or annotating important content (Türel & Demirli, 2010)

2-Flipping back and forth to review previous content providing reviewing techniques better understanding (Levy; 2002; Smith et al., 2005)

3-Using pictures for discussion and brainstorming, collaborative writing, shared reading, peer-teaching, and collaborative problem solving (BECTA, 2006)

4-Hiding and reveal, drag and drop, and matching items activities (Türel, 2010)

5-Observing different media—essential for visual learners (Bell, 2002)

Benefits of IWB technology include:

1. Enhanced social interaction (Türel & Demirli, 2010)

2. Reformed learning environments—teachers may facilitate student’s involv

ement, interaction,and collaboration (Smith et al., 2005)

3.Draw the learners’ attention (Türel, 2010)

4.Facilitated learning and remembering using visual media (Türel, 2010).

5.Enlarged computer touch screen Interactions can be recorded and saved—Acrobat (PDF) document, PowerPoint slides, or record whole lecture as a movie file,Using with voting systems, document cameras, and electronic microscopes (Bell, 2002)

Extracted from:


Now with this moving towards its optimal effectiveness, in my experience it is only as effective as the pedagogy that surrounds it. Teachers should be supported in their professional learning as they integrate new technology into their daily classroom practice. Research evidence must be considered and used to inform the development of interactive science resources and the associated approach to professional learning.

Thank you Hassan for your experience otf using IWB in my classroom is different.It is difficult to get all above mentioned  benefits. IWB made my classroom more lively, interactive and saved my time.Interactive boards provide more flexibility in how lessons are communicated, promote student interaction with content, provide greater visualization of concepts for students, and increases motivation among students. There is a need  of connecting all the prepared materials and organizing into one whole to save time and effectiveness. It can be done by creating in-service training for science subjects.



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