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Are there any middle school teachers of technology out there who can give me some tips about how to incorporate the use of a smart board? I'd especially like to get students working on it, too.


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My middle school students love to use the Smartboard! It gives you great opportunities for interactive lessons. Many times I will have a student come up and demonstrate the concept that we're reviewing (for example, formatting text) on the Smartboard. (I can also give my students control of my Smartboard from their computer via a classroom management software application.) They love to be the "teacher" or "expert."

When I'm reviewing the basics of Microsoft windows (for example, the Excel screen), I use a notebook file that allows students to play a matching game with the terms. It takes a bit of prep to create these resources, but once you have them, you're good to go.
Here are some great ideas that work well with a SMART board.

Have you ever considered training? There are actually certified trainers who can come to your school, full of ideas and methods to help you better educate your students using the SMART board. Afterall, it's not just what you have, it's how you use it.

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